Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Here are some comments over at Faux News about the Trayvon Martin case:
1. Zimmerman felt threatened by Martin’s gang’s actions…this could have possibly lead to these terrible circumstances. Gang violence MUST BE STOPPED OBAMA!
Huh? Was there any allegation that Trayvon was participating in any sort of gang activities? Not any that I have heard of.   
2. Gated communities exist because people are afraid….& negros thrive on crime…Look at our prisons.
Stereotype much? 

3. Funny you never see them rally against the drug dealing murderers that control their neighborhoods. LOL!!!
So what? Do white people typically protest over crime committed by whites?
4. Them monkeys can jump!
5. The little thug ghetto monkey should have been home doing his homework, not out gang bangin.
So "gang bangin" is walking to and from the local convenience store? Get your facts right, idiot.
6. This has Bl ack racist Holder and his all bl ack racist “DOJ Civil Rights Div” written all over it.
Yeah, this statement is typical of the conservative mind. Conservatives believe that there is massive victimization of whites in this country. It allows conservatives to act like they are the victims.
7. Crack Skittles the new disguise
8. This could have had a tragic outcome. His gun could have jammed. Whew!
Double Wow. 
9. Hunting, maybe thinning the herd…
Looks like Adolf Eichmann posted a comment.
10. It is obvious the un-civilized B!ACKS who dwell in the greatist nation on earth have never wanted to be part of the TEAM, they CRY and P!SS and MOAN at every given oportunity about fairness and equality, While lining up for the free ride at welfare.The United States is cursed with these baboons, Who will never gain the ability to stand up and make it on their own without our help.They are the eternal retarded stepchild , needfull and helpless until the end of time. 
No comment necessary here. I think this moron's statement speaks for itself.
11. Good Shot Zimmy
Um, I am speechless. 

The people who make these type of comments are the same type of people who will claim that there is no racism in this country. It is one thing to claim that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was an unfortunate incident that was justified because Zimmerman feared for his life. But, it is quite another to say that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was a good thing. Many of these idiots seem to be overjoyed at the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Most intelligent people know that dumb people watch Faux News. The only question is whether watching Faux News makes you dumb or whether being dumb makes you watch Faux News.

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